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Friday, October 14, 2011

Spiti Valley - Article published in Hindustan Times

Himalayan patterns seen from Mudh village in Pin Valley @ Spiti
Himalayan Patterns @ Spiti

The web edition of leading Indian daily, Hindustan Times, recently published an article written by me on Spiti (Himachal Pradesh). You can read the article here.

Leap of faith! (Lama during Cham dance performance)
Leap of faith!
Titled 'Discovering the charm of Spiti', it is a slightly modified version of the article I had written on this blog last year immediately after returning from Spiti - one of the most satisfying trips of my life!
Hope you enjoy reading the article. I also urge you to visit the place at least once in your lifetime for the spectacular sights it offers and the wonderful people who live there!

As always, I would like to personally thank each one of you for having patronised my blog and for supporting me. A special thanks to the team at Incredible Spiti for getting this article published in Hindustan Times, which is an esteemed newspaper of our times.

P.S. - The pictures published alongside the article are not mine. They have been mistakenly credited to me.


Steven Scott said...

Wonderful post and very interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.

joshi daniel said...

congratulations on getting published and great picture!

Maneesh Goal said...

Thank you so much Steven Scott and Joshi Daniel :)

ahmedabadonnet said...


The Legend Returns said...

@ahmedabadonnet: Thanks so much!

picture said...

Wonderful capture....

The Legend Returns said...

@picture: Thanks a lot!

Vivek Athavale said...

Would you still recommended visiting Spiti in June ? We have been told that June would be a good season.

roses said...


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